Friday, January 23, 2009

Resistance Training

Muscles are the main metabolically active tissue in the body. When you work your muscles against a resistance, the muscle fibres become denser and increase in size. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.
What if you could burn more calories just by sitting down and doing nothing? Wow.. thats great! It is not impossible if you can change your metabolic rate. Metabolism is the number of calories that you need each day to function and stay alive. This is the energy you need to maintain body temperature, digest your food and even breath. The best way to boost your metabolism so that you need more calories for these functions is to increase your lean muscle mass.
Your muscles are lazy, they will only do what is asked of them. If you do not use your muscles, they wont improve. You will have to challenged your muscles.
Thats exactly what resistance training does. You can even use your own body weight as a resistance. My dear friends, (believe me, im trying to encourage myself too) lets start training, all you need is your willingness to try, some equipment that wont cost much and a little space.

  • plastic drinking bottles filled with sand/stone makes perfect subsitutes for dumbells and working on the upper body
  • chair/bench provides perfect base for tricep dips and seated weight works
  • food tins can be used as the drinking bottles except that you cannot change the weight
  • cooking oil bottles 3-5kgs are perfect for upright rows
  • stair climbing is good for burning calories and working on your legs and butts
Vary your workouts, play some music and have your family and friends do the exercises with you. It'll be fun!

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  1. Newton's 3rd law of motion might give an idea that the more resistance to take, the bigger magnitude of force to be applied. In this case, fat and lipids will be metobolized and you will be gettting slimmer. However, such an exercise might damage some tendons and muscles- spasms and low blood pressure. To do resistance exercise, you need to be aware with those things.