Wednesday, October 3, 2012

National Youth Day 2012 - The Judges

 The Judges come from all over the country right from the south to the north. We were instructed to wear purple coloured tshirts to differentiate us from the participants who were wearing greens

 From left : Dr Nahar (PPUM), Azizah Othman (Selangor)  and yours truly with presenters Natrah, Rohaya, Busman and Leeza Ibrahim

with my buddy the leng lui Master Trainer from Ipoh Ms Josephine Chor 

 yours truly with participant fellow instructor from Seremban, Ekin and Busman from Sarawak

Aishah (Selangor) and Jamuna (Perak) swinging hips in Zumba!

 oh my....after 31/2 hours of standing feet really needs a rest

 From right : The boss Ms Lidyawati from Ministry of Sports and Youth, yours truly, Rahman (Army PD), Norzila (Kedah), Malik (The Technical Head) and Josephine Chor (Perak)

 The Mr Macho Rahman

Mr Sabran (officer with Ministry Of Sports and Youth) who happens to be a very good MC, Siti Zaleha (Melaka)

 yours truly with Mak Iti, Siti Zaleha from Melaka

from left : sharulnizam, Saloma (Negeri Sembilan) Norzila (head judge, Kedah) Siti Zubaidah (Selangor)

Adilla Idris (Selangor), yours truly with Josephine Chor and Hishamuddin aka Giant (Melaka)

The comittee members from One Nation Fitness Club who we could not do without.... they are the back bones of the event, working hard to make this event successful

my buddies.... Adilla and Joe

Hishamuddin (Melaka) and Dr Nahar (PPUM)

Asheda (Johor), Siti Zaleha (Melaka), Adilla, Aishah and Azizah all from Selangor

all photos taken before and after the event. It was fun and we are looking forward to do it again next year although we cannot satisfy everybody with the results of the competition.

Thank you Ministry Of Sports and Youth Malaysia for this trust in us. We will always try our best to give our time and effort for the good of the public and the country.