Monday, March 8, 2010

burn em' calories

Some of us are so into weight loss. We count all the calorie intake almost before every meal and always try to burn as much as possible after that. I, for one, almost never bothered on the food that i eat. I love and enjoy eating especially when i am not cooking, BUT i will always make sure that i exercise at least 3 times a week.

The simple truth of weight loss, no matter what the latest trendy diet says, is that you have to use more calories than you consume. In other words you have to burn more than your intake. The good news is that you don't have to spend all your waking hours at the gym attached to some complicated, beeping metal because everything you do burns calories. I came across this interesting reading regarding calorie burning on everyday activity. I hope this will help to improve your lifestyle and will encourage your husband help you around the house!

These activities and the number of calories they burn are based on a 65-70kg person. A heavier person will burn more calories.

1) Pushing a trolley up and down the supermarket aisles for an hour will burn 243 calories and you'll get acquainted with all kinds of nutritious, healthful foods. Bag your own groceries, take them out to the car yourself, and return the trolley to the station, and you'll burn even more.

2) Most dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for at least two minutes. In that time, you'll burn a 5.7 calories, but then again, not everything is about weight loss.

3) Burn 80 calories by dusting the surfaces in your home for 30 minutes

4) It may not burn as many calories as dusting, but 30 minutes of kissing is a lot more fun. You'll burn 36 calories and your better half will surely love this...ehehe

5) Burn 76.5 calories with 30 minutes of ironing, just be careful that you don't burn the clothes.

6) You know you need to paint the house, but you're lacking the motivation and money to engage painters. Does it help to know that three hours of house painting will burn 1,026 calories? And by putting on that second coat, you might drop a whole pants size - ahaks.... (hmmm what about it?)

7) You can now look forward to laundry day because 30 minutes of folding clothes will burn 72 calories. Fold enough clothes and you may soon be putting away smaller sizes (cewahh..)

8) Pick up some waste and reduce your waist by spending an afternoon doing gotong royong at your neighborhood. In four hard-worked hours, you'll burn 1,800 calories and improve your community.

9) 30 minutes of mopping the floor will burn 153 calories (any volunteers? i hate mopping floors)

10) One hour of pushing the lawn mower burns 324 calories. Spend another 30 minutes raking up the leaves at your garden and you'll burn another 171 calories.

11) You'll burn 74 calories during the 30 minutes you spend on cooking . Of course, that work will be voided by high-calorie, fat-filled meals. Instead, choose healthful meals that contain plenty of fruits and vegetables.

12) Your living room needs a new arrangement? Every hour of moving furniture burns 504 calories.

13) Moving a broom back and forth for ten minutes will burn 28 calories ( wow..i love this)

14) 20 minutes of vacuuming will burn 56 calories.

15) Bring out the pail and hose, a mere 20 minutes of washing the car will burn 102 calories.

16) Even when you're sleeping you're burning calories. Eight hours of good shut-eye will erase 360 calories.

17) Two hours of gardening will burn 648+calories, and you'll grow some nice healthful veggies at the same time.

18) Even watching TV is worth something. One hour spent in front of the Tv burns 72 calories. Of course, if you dusted at the same time...

You will not only burn calories, lose weight and lead a healthy life, you will also save money on the pakcik potong rumput, the cuci kereta and the $$$ spent on engaging a maid!

p/s How many calories are burn when having sex?
About 4 and 5 calories per minute so, between 4 times 60= 240 and 5x60=300 calories per hour!! *wink*

- Editors of Publication International Ltd