Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lengan yg melambai lambai? ishhh tak nak laa..

Have you heard of Resistance Tubing or dyna band? I did resistance tubing way back in the 90's and i think it is very practical to do it at home or at the office if you dont want go to the gym. It is cheap and a portable way to get a full body strength training workout. Regardless of whatever workouts you intend to do, please do not forget to first do a warm up for at least 5-10 minutes and stretch the muscles you will be working on. This will prevent you from injuries.

Basic suggestions :

a) For beginners, it is best to do one set of 12 to 15 repetitions of each exercise.

b) Intermediate exercisers (those that have been lifting weights for up to three months) can perform one to two sets of each exercise.

c) More advanced strength trainers (those who have been lifting weights or using tubing for more than three months) should try to complete two or three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

d) Stretch each muscle group after each set and at the end of the entire workout to improve flexibility.

this works on the biceps and triceps : *note* elbow resting on thigh, curl arm towards shoulder, do not slouch.

works on triceps and back : *note* tucked in tummy, squeeze shoulders blades towards spine

works on the deltoids, shoulders : *note* palm facing thigh, leave straight arm on shoulder length and do not lock elbows

works on triceps, back. *note* arms straights and lower out to sides at shoulder length. tubing stretching behind head

works on biceps and pectorals (chest) *note* raise up to shoulder length, elbows bent to 90 degree and palms facing down

Safety Tips - exercise tubings is not a risky activity but to keep the tube from snapping on your face, please follow these guidelines : -

a) check for holes or worn spots on the tubing. Replace if you see any tears

b) workout on carpeted , wood floors or grass. Abrasive surfaces can tear your tube

c) wear sport shoes

d) make sure tubing is secured underfoot or on an anchor before you begin to exercise

e) maintain good posture through out exercise by keeping your knees slightly bent, tug in your tummy, chest expanded and square shoulders

f) perform the exercises in a slow controlled manner. work against resistance both when you pull and when you return to the starting point.

Welcome toned sexy arms and bye bye em' flabbies..!!

Do 12 repitition, change sides and repeat

The thinker

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Penyampai IKON- Program Reality RTM

Siang tadi saya dijemput sebagai penceramah di program terbaharu RTM, program reality yg mencari an all-rounder broadcast journalist. Saya diberitahu bahawa segmen ini akan disiarkan di TV2 setiap sabtu 8.30 malam. Yg kelakar nya, saya ingat saya hanya dijemput untuk memberi ceramah mengenai kecergasan pada satu segmen sahaja, tetapi rupanya saya bersama en Saiful Nizam Ramli dari Jabatan Kesenian dan Kebudayaan Negara telah di beri tugasan untuk mengajar mereka SenamSeni 1Malaysia pada setiap hari rabu sehingga la selesainya rancangan ini iatu pada bulan November nanti. Kira kira nya macam jadi cek gu la kalau dalam AF tu. 17 orang graduan dari seluruh Malaysia telah dipilih dan setiap minggu RTM akan menyingkirkan (saya pon tak tau berapa orang) penuntut/peserta hingga akhir. Sudah pastinya salah seorang mereka akan dipilih sebagai juara.

diantara graduan yg terpilih. dari hampir 6000 orang diseluruh negara, hanya 17 orang sahaja yang terpilih. Tahniah yea.

tekun mendengar

My first impression was, mereka ini semua peramah (mungkin dah kena phsyo awal awal supaya jangan ade attitute), cerdik, tidak segan segan menanya (satu sifat yg baik) berkeyakinan diri dan good looking. Memang package yg menarik. Saya belum sempat mengenali mereka secara dekat lagi, mungkin bila dah berjumpa setiap minggu, kami akan menjadi lebih rapat lagi. In the meantime, i wish them the very best of luck and jangan ingat its the end of the world kalau anda tersinggir. Your life has just begun..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Exercise can be fun!

Some people just hate to exercise. They dont like to sweat and they prefer to invest their money in slimming centers. These people do not think exercise is fun. To me, exercising the body can be fun if you have the right attitute. Our mind is a very powerful tool and we can use it to our advantage or vice versa. It can make you sick, it can make you well, it can make you believe anything. Use your mind to your advantage, maintain control over it not the other way round. One must open one's mind and release all preconceived ideas about exercise. If you honestly want exercise to be fun and allow it to be, it will be. If you tell your mind you enjoy exercising, you are likely to do it more often, which will result in a better health!

Here are some ideas i can think of to help make exercise more fun and interesting:

  • Workout with friends or family. You can challenge each other, crack jokes and make each other laugh in the middle of a workout or just simply enjoy each other's company.
  • Do something different. If you go to the gym/studio every day and use the same piece of equipment, try mixing your routine up. Try also different aerobic workouts eg
  • step aerobics, latino , kickboxing or probably get your instructor to do aqua aerobics once a month!
  • Go to a park with playground equipment. Go to your local parks eg Tasik Bdr Titiwangsa or Taman Tasik Permaisuri to name a few. Use the slide, the monkey bars or the jungle gym to climb on, do pull-ups, hang from your hands, your knees, and use your imagination. You don’t have to have a rigid routine, just get out there and work your muscles. Run, play. Get your loved ones to walk with you and enjoy the scenery while walking. Spend good quality time with your loved ones while exercising. You'll be surprised, they might enjoy it so much that they want it to be a weekly affair.
  • Play a competitive sport. Netball would bring memories during school days, hockey, volleyball, tennis, football etc might also do the trick

  • Do an outdoor circuit. You can probably try the beach if you are staying near one. You can do a combination of running, walking, push-ups, pull-ups and abdominal exercises. Pick a distance such as 100 meters, run the distance then drop and do 10 pushups, continue with the same distance and run then drop and do abs, now walk and do another 10 pushups.

  • Enjoy a solitary activity. Cycling, walk, yoga or just a simple stretch on the beach/park or at your taman perumahan is an excellent way to exercise your body and spirit.

  • Picture your muscles (this is important even if you DO enjoy exercising) Studies have shown that if you focus your mind on the muscles you are working, they will respond better. Visualize what the muscle groups look like and try to see them working; contracting and relaxing.

  • Listen to music.( a plus in group fitness classess) It can make what you’re doing more enjoyable when you’re lost in music. Music can really change your mood esp with songs that you can relate to. I will always check on the age group of my class and try to accomodate them with songs i think they will enjoy listening to.