Monday, July 12, 2010

Aerobics/Group Fitness Class

Every Monday i teach at an international oil company in Cyberjaya. I have been doing workouts with these ladies for more than a year now. These ladies are very enthusiastic and show a lot interest and progress in their fitness level.

eheh... so cute aaa you cheated...hihihi its ok, like i always said 'listen to your own body'

Maria (the one in white) is one of the pioneers in the class

Wah Leng (green shorts) seldom misses the class although i know she is a very busy woman

some of the new faces (im sorry i didnt get your names)

sometimes i challenged their capabilities but no one made a sound... pheww....

I normally start with an aerobic session and then muscle conditioning/strength training and end with a stretch

What i like most about these ladies is that they are punctual and i can always start my class on the dot.

come on....bear with me....we have another 2 and a half minutes to go

ahhhaaaa....playful or probably trying to distract me (pssstttt.....she cheating...ehehehe)

The happy bunch, always smiling and welcoming