Friday, April 16, 2010

Why do we need to exercise??

A lot of people want to look and feel good. Unfortunately looking and feeling good doesnt come easy, you have to work on it. I always believe that if you look good, you will automatically feel good about yourself. But alas!! for some people looking good is not enough, they want more. It all boils down to your way of thinking. You can either be positive or remain negative and sulk about your life until eternity.

What does exercise have anything to do with the way one feels and think. Well, for starters, exercising helps release endorphins in your body, which not only makes you feel good but also boost up your mood. Believe me, some people do get addicted to exercise because of the elevation in mood it delivers to them. (yours truly is one of them)

Physically, by exercising, one will definately lose weight. aha! That depends also on one's diet. Eat small portions 5 to 6 times a day in order to maintain a good metabolic rate. The more calorie you burn the more you shed off those love handles. Exercise done properly does rid off those flabs by tightening and toning your muscles.

Exercise is good for your heart and your brain power. Exercising helps your heart pump blood throughout your body efficiently. Its good for blood flow and keeps your organs strong and healthy. The oxygen in the blood is carried along with it. The oxygen gets to your brain. A healthy oxiginated brain is more focus and can think clearly. (perhaps can think positively too)

Another good factor about exercising is that it increases your energy, stamina and endurance. Have you tried carrying buckets full of water up a stair or park your car at the far end corner of the hypermarket and carrying your stuff all the way to where you park your car? Give it a try, you'll feel tired and exhausted. Exercising will help your body build strength and endurance and in no time you can do all those chores in a wink hence making you feel good about yourself.

Another interesting fact about exercise is that it also builds your immune system. Your body cant fight off sickness if it is not strong. Exercise will keep you strong and active.

A healthy body will always make a healthy mind! What are you waiting for? lets do it!!