Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lets get some Carboh

Carbohydrate is found in a lot of the food that we eat. It provides energy for our body, and can be broken down into three groups according to the number of saccharide (sugar) units they contain.

Carbohydrate is broken down by the body into simple sugars, which are absorbed into the bloodstream. As the amount of sugar in your bloodstream rises, the pancreas produces insulin which moves the sugar from your bloodstream and into cells where it is used for energy. Simple carbohydrates are broken down very quickly in the body, and are a provider of quick energy.

Complex carbohydrate contain up to thousands of glucose units. Some of the most common polysaccharides are starch, fibre and glycogen. Complex Carbohydrate is what you eat from grains, nuts, legumes, vegetables (starch) and other foods such as breads, cereals, pasta and fruits. These complex carbohydrates break down slower in the body, and are important to support exercise. Ideally, if you are exercising, you should make sure to eat both simple and complex carbohydrates in your everyday food.

What is BMI?

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is worked out from your height and weight, and doesn’t take into account age or sex. From your BMI you can work out if you are Underweight, Normal Weight, Overweight or Obese. BMI is a good general guide, however it should not be taken as law. It works on height and weight, and assumes that weight correlates to body fat. On a person that has more muscle than fat (for example, a body builder) then the BMI would not be accurate.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kursus JuruLatih SenamRobik - LPPKN

after all these years, i get to go to Pangkor Island!! shame on me..
the resort staff greeted us with a song... wow... i feel like a VIP already

mind you.. i wasnt singing but giving a lecture. Its a small group, only about 29 people

dah mula dah... kalau anak anak nengok maknye tengah menari..*sigh* kantoi..eheh

ingat ke name name steps tu cik abang oii...its not as easy as most people think

Group No 1, penuh confident... penilaian tak tau la camne nanti

agak agaknya tengah buat gerak ape yea

tak ramai, jadi mudah aje ndak ngajar, tapi kalau buat silap, cik gu cepat nampak
Group yg confident tadi tu, almaklum ajelah ade Amin di depan. Amin happened to be one of my students in JSBN in Muar. He's from Kuantan and very enthusiastic

Ni group tok ketua, Amirul yg pakai baju merah di depan tuh

Selamat tinggal Pangkor. Tak sempat langsung ndak jenjalan kemane mane. sedey juga kerana terpaksa balik lebih awal. Tak sempat ndak bermesra lebih lame dengan student student saye ini. I hope they remember me. Class saye pulun 15 jam selama 2 hari. Pancit tak hengat bile sampai ke rumah.