Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I just love going on vacations. I will make it a point to travel abroad at least once a year. Going on a vacation allows me to recharge my batteries by disconnecting me from my regular life. I will always come back feeling invigorated and very happy to be back to my regular day to day routine. After a break, i will feel more energized to return to my daily chores and errands

Going up a hot air balloon is really an awesome experience. The view was spectacular and overwhelming. Surprisingly i was not afraid at all!

The ruins of Hercules Temple is really something else. This temple has been built during the Roman empire and still stands until today.

Personally i have always felt that travelling abroad is a very good stress remover. To me its not only refreshing but also revitalizes me as well. Its a psychological necessity especially for people who has stressful jobs. Believe me, relaxing at home is insufficient to unwind.

Regular getaways helps me to sustain energy and vitality i require for work. I need these breaks in order to avoid the consequences of a burn out.

Traveling also provide me opportunities for adventure and discovery. When i visit places in other countries, i gain a better understanding of the people living there. I learn about their cultures, history and background and discover the similarities they have with us Malaysians as well as their differences from us. It is interesting to learn from people with diverse backgrounds. These experiences not only make me understand people more but also make me respect other people's culture and lifestyles

The remains of Ephesus, a city that was built thousand of years ago

The legendary Trojan Horse during the war of Troy.

Thank you God, my life is blessed....alhamdulilahh...