Friday, July 30, 2010

Kuching International Dance Festival 2010

I feel honourned when invited as a speaker/presenter at the Kuching International Dance Festival from 22nd - 26th July 2010. Kudos to the organizers (SABATI and The Dance Academy) of this prestigious event for their splendid job. 15 dance companies from 8 countries participated in this festival namely from Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, various places in China including Macau and Hong Kong, Phillippines and Indonesia.

I felt like an artiste the minute i walked out of the airport. There were banners and cameras and welcome wishes from the organizers and an interview right at the airport! *surprised*

One of the main objectives of this event is to foster and nurture interests among the young generation in cultural and arts. The event will also raise the standard and profile of the performing arts by the participation of the very best dancers from around the world.

welcome dinner

cute little dancers from Taiwan

I was given the freedom to present on any topic i feel fit for the occasion and decided on Anatomy, Prevention Of Injury (dancers) and SenamSeni 1Malaysia. The response on my workshops was overwhelming. alhamdulilahh....

Ms Elaine and Ms Nor during an interview at the hotel. (they have been chasing me around for an interview)

The dancers from Phillippines. The Filipinas were superb dancers and i was mesmerized by their performances. The two groups from the Phillippines are Douglas Nierras Powerdance Company and Shirley Halili-Cruz Dance Company. I personally love their performances and their superb muscle strength. The display of skills from these two dance company really captivates me. A big applause to the Filipinas!

view from my hotel room at the 10th floor, Four Points Sheraton

A workshop on how to handle the korean drum from Ms Becky Lau

Ms Becky Lau

one of the girls from Macau

2nd nite dinner show - dancers from Singkiang

My liaison officer - the pretty and sweet Ms Sim Kah Yiing. without her i'm lost.

met one of my Sarawak students, Helmi from Ministry of Social Development and Urbanization, Sarawak who performed ethnic Sarawak dances representing Malaysia. Good job Helmi

a dancer from Tibet with detailed costume

The dancers from the Department of Cultural & Arts, Sarawak who helped me with my 3rd day presentation. I presented Senam Seni 1 Malaysia as my topic. The response was encouraging.

Thank you guys for your help :)

* I would like to thank Ms January Chan for inviting me to the festival. It was somewhat different from what i am used to and very educational. The most important thing is that i enjoyed myself and would love to be a part of it again in future.

note: SABATI - Sarawak Badan Amal Tenaga Isteri isteri. A charitable organization of wives of the State Miniters.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fit Gym - Kuching, Sarawak

When i was in Kuching recently, i went to visit a friend whom i have not seen for quite sometime. I knew Busman Noor through the various competitions he competed and i happened to be one of the judges in the competitions.

Busman Noor with a tree pose

Busman's latest achievement - champion - Aerobicton in Kuching on 25th July 2010

i wanted to do a step aerobic class at his studio, unfortunately i could only do it for half an hour because i was called up to attend a dinner function in Four Points Sheraton

Busman later showed me some of his latest aerobic steps off!! look at em' muscles.....

I had a brief stopover and enjoyed the company

with some of Busman's studio members who were surprised to see me

I had supper with Busman later in the evening. It was scrumptious and i really enjoyed having small talks with him after a long time. Thank you Busman

The next day, Fadhilah aka Dillot took me around Kuching town and i bought me the famous delicious Sarawak kueh lapis.

Fadhilah aka Dillot

Dillot later took me for lunch at a very nice cosy restaurant.

I am very lucky to have friends all over the country. I met most of them during the courses that i attended.

I always keep this in mind : -"Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold"

Im blessed, alhamdulilahhh.... :)