Thursday, May 13, 2010

All that sweat!!

I perspire alot!! yes i do. It is so uncomfortable especially on my face. I do not know why i perspire alot on my face and neck. It is so irritable. I cant put on any make up on my face, all the make up will melt within minutes! When i visited my doctor, all she said was because i am very fit and i have a high metabolic rate which causes my body to burn energy at a faster rate and this increases the amount of sweat. (hishhh....and why are these love handles still hanging on to me!) According to her this is something normal for me. I am always exercising and my body needs to maintain a functional body temperature in order to disperse the excess energy generated by the metabolic process. Exercise means muscles are actively working. (plus calories effectively burning!)

Everyone knows the reason to perspire is to regulate body temperature. Perspiration or sweat is our body's way of cooling itself whether from working muscles or from over stimulated nerves like when one is nervous, anxious, angry, afraid and of course the weather (temperature)

We are constantly perspiring whether you notice it or not. When water in our sweat evaporates from the surface of our skin, it leaves a salty taste (sodium chloride). The loss of salt and water from your body can easily dehydrate you. This is a natural process, that is why it is important for you to drink when you are exercising ( i normally recommend a small gulp of fluid every 15 - 20 mins ) but, if after taking enough fluid and you still feel thirsty, i would suggest a visit to your doctor. There is a condition known as hyperhidrosis that is an over active sweat gland. Certain drugs taken might also be a contributing factor for over sweating.

yours truly is just stretching but sweating profusely

How do i deal with my sweaty problem. I have my own thing that i do and this might help if you have the same problem.

1) i will always take a shower BEFORE and after my workouts

2) wash my hair almost everyday because i sweat alot on my hair.

3) wash my face often ( wuduk does really help)

4) bring a face towel when working out. wipe my face and neck to prevent too much sweat. sweat always drips from my face and hair.

5) bring fresh clothes (under wears too!!) along, i will change as quickly as possible after every workout.

6) i will always switch off my car air condition and open my car windows wide for fresh air to enter and blow my sweat away.

Honestly i do not use any antiperspirant although most people do. I dont like the sticky feeling moreover i am allergic to alcohol (antiperspirant, deodorant, perfume contains alcohol)

p/s I always joke with my kids and close friends that i am HOT STUFF that is why i perspire alot.... ha ha :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stay Fit With An Active Life

It is recommended that you should participate in physical activities that include endurance, flexibility and strength to keep your body healthy. Here are some easy every day examples to include these activities - endurance, flexibility and strength.

Endurance: endurance activities help your heart, lungs and circulatory system stay healthy and give you more energy (4-7 days a week)

  • walking
  • garden work
  • cycling
  • skating
  • continuous swimming
  • tennis
  • dancing - (fast pace dance like zapin, Bhangra, Bboys etc

Flexibility: activities that can help you to move easily, keeping your muscles relaxed and your joints mobile (4-7 days a week)

  • gardening
  • mopping the floor
  • yard work
  • vacuuming
  • stretching exercises
  • T'ai Chi
  • Bowling (would recommend to alternate hands if possible)
  • Yoga
  • Dance(slow pace like ballet, tarian istana etc)

Strength: activities that help your muscles and bones stay strong, improve your posture and help to prevent diseases like osteoporosis (2-4 days a week)

  • heavy garden work like chopping tree branches, digging with a hoe etc
  • raking and carrying leaves
  • lifting and carrying groceries
  • climbing stairs
  • exercises like abdominal crunches and push ups
  • wearing a backpack carrying school books
  • weight/strength training routines

Some other ideas to fit physical activity in:

  • get off bus 10 minutes before your intended stop and walk
  • fit in a 10 minute walk into your lunch break
  • if you are a housewife, join a fitness program at your local community; dance with your children for 10 minutes; go to the park and actively play with your children
  • take the stairs instead of the elevator -
  • do stretch breaks at your office
  • walk to do your errands or just window shop
  • make physical activity a family event
  • when going out with friends and family, think of activities where you can include physical activity