Saturday, February 7, 2009

Le tour de langkawi

lepas workout, posing bersame Malek, pegawai KBS Azhani and yours truly

Le Tour De Langkawi

posing la dulu sebelum workout

Friday, February 6, 2009


yours truly with one participant from kem pelajaran m'sia,
Puan Siti Dewi. She was dancing next to me during the whole
6 days.

closing ceremony

participants doing the senamseni during the closing ceremony. Notice Mama Yati, the one with the blue tudung, a 53 year old mom who is much loved by all.

a pose with the wilayah dancers

Jumaninor, standing second from right

Lets do the JOGET

some of the participants during the joget session

A Tribute To My Talented Friends

I've always wanted to be a dancer. I love the gracefulness and the glittering costumes that comes with it. Unfortunately for me, my parents never approved. I've kept this dream a secret ever since my teenage years and last week, i almost had my dream come true. I euphoricly enrolled myself in this programme called JSBN.

day 1 - On my first day, i learnt to dance the zapin. Honestly, it is not as easy as it seems. I had to memorize all the 8 ragams and had to know when to do the enjut. The enjut only comes on the 3rd and the 7th beat. Not only had i had to memorize the steps, i had to also memorize the names of the ragam. Let me see....errr... the first one is langkah melingkar, then comes the langkah unta, mengacah, langkah silang tepuk, gesek gesek tendang tendang, langkah maju dan pusing and the last one being the wai'nab. wallaaaa... i did it! Let me remind you, the steps were so complicated, i almost step on my toes.

day 2 - The inang is a bit easier but after being trained to have a straight posture, i find it difficult to bend my kness and back for 9 hours to do the inang. I had to lean my body forward and twist my wrist to do the lenggang lambung. I grappled all day.

day 3 - 9 hours of joget. I've always thought the joget is none other than a free style dance where you step your foot forward one at a time. I was dead wrong. I had to lean my body forward, bent kness and always make sure my feet are not parted too far off (big steps are a BIG NO) while my toes are pointing at the middle of the other foot alternately. This basic step is called the titik menapak. When the Ketua Fasilitator, Jumaninor, asks me how i was doing, i amiably replied that i am fine, little did she know i was SUFFERING. Ya Allah....what a mess did i get myself into. My body is aching, my foul legs are hollering to quit and my torpor self wanted to end this ordeal. It was beyond my expectations. I've always thought dancing the traditional dance was an easy task.

day 4 - 9 hours of asli. When i woke up, i convinced my battered body not to give up. Blandishments aside, i am into a big surprise. The asli was THE most torturest (is there such a word?) of it all but when Jumaninor danced infront of the class, i was mesmerised and smittened by her gracefulness as if her body is floating in the air. I envied the way her hands moved and the sight of elegant beauty and smooth controlled movement entices me to continue.

day 5 - was a mess. I had to do the practical exams for the 4 dances at one go and jumbled up most of the chereography. To my surprised i got B for all 4. According to the examiners, technically i did the dances correctly. I sat for 2 theory exams, which i never had a chance to even glance through the notes. (luckily, i paid full attention during the practical classes). I was caught off handed when i was announced the Best Student for the Kertas Khusus Tari.

day 6 - all is well, i had fun, an aching body, made more friends and never regretted enrolling although i had to limp home. Thank you Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara for organising such courses.

KUDOS to my friends, Angah (syed najib), abg Abu (abu bakar), mak lang aka primadonna (norsiah), Jumaninor, kak Selvi, che ah (my little sister) and all the talented people. My greatest honour and admiration to all of you out there for your love, passion and obligation towards our cultural dances and i know monetary is least in your minds. My greatest respect for all of you.