Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadhan and smoking

A good friend of mine is in dire straits. Ramadhan has its set backs on him. The nicotine withdrawal has kicked in. I had a good laugh... serves him right i must say, been persuading him to stop smoking but to no avail.

He said he feels tired (cant help laughing). Told him its just another side effect of his body adjustng to the lack of nicotine. Have you ever noticed guys who stop work for awhile to smoke and than continue working like nobody's business? Do you know that nicotine found in cigarettes is a colourless, odorless organic based alkoloid which is in the same family as morphine and cocaine? Yeah....that bad huh.... Nicotine helps to speed up your metabolism to an unnaturally high level and without it your metablosim is slowed and this will cause your energy levels to drop hence the fatigue especially with the addition of fasting.

'I'm lagging he hollered' when i had to repeat the same questions again. He is tired, couldnt focus and not alert with his surroundings. Ahaa..... once the usual nicotine addict couldnt get his puffs and huffs he will be less focus and find it hard to concentrate. Nicotine is also a stimulant. The cravings will draw the attention away from whatever task or job these addicts are doing and making it difficult to concentrate.

I called him an addict which got him agitated and snapped at me. wahhh... usually he is the nicest guy around. I was not cross because i know he is in his nicotine withdrawal symptom. Infact it got me laughing more. ( am i mean or am i mean?) This change of atitute is common. Imagine craving for something you love or losing someone who has always been with you through thick and thin or losing something you depended on everyday in your life! Obviously, not being able to smoke when you really really want to, will cause you anxiety, nervous and not in a good mood. (ehek, padan muke..)

My advice to you my dear friend, when you have the urge to smoke or feeling down, get up, go outside for a walk. The scenery will help and the little exercise will keep your mind off the urge. Breathe in slowly and deeply as you go.

OR if you dont mind being ridiculed again, call me! or someone you know you can talk to. Talk to someone you care and your spirits will be lifted and will definately change your mood to the better.

IF those two suggestions is too much of a burden to handle, try sitting down in the office, eyes closed and visualize that you need to calm down and relax. Try creating a place in your mind...say an isolated island or swimming in the deep blue sea, or the sunset, visuals that can make you relax. Visualize all the small details and and make the visual vacation yours. :)

My dear sayang friend, breathe in and out slowly and relax, when the azan calls at dusk, you will have your life back..... ahakss...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010