Monday, September 20, 2010

overweight after hari raya/eid

If only the calipers could scream!!..... OMG this is what happens after Hari Raya! I go through this phase every year. Everyone, including yours truly, seems to blame it on Hari Raya. (padahal sebelum raya lagi dah naik scale tu). I wasnt feeling guilty at all when indulging the nasi tomato, ketupat rendang and was heavenly. *smile & sigh* so... why the complaint?

well....actually i was watching the 'Top Models' program on tv and suddenly felt a big BANG on the head. I went bonkers when i saw the image in my mirror. Whos that? I dont even recognise myself!

Hey.... a healthy body requires fat as a thermal insulation and a shock absorption for certain sensitive areas of the body...and....and..its enery for future use you know...... (look who is trying

to convince who here). Lets get physical..... the song suddenly ringing in my ears..

People out there....its time to commit to exercise again. I am not suggesting you (and I) to run a 10km run tomorrow but

what i am suggesting is to commit ourselves to at least an hour a day for exercise. A crucial one hour to keep you fit and lose weight. Exercise can be fun and exciting

especially if you do it with your love ones and friends. Within a month, you will lose some of the love handles and will have a more productive life.

My basic rules when trying (ahaks... i typed the word 'trying') to lose weight. This is my personal thing and some of you out there might not agree with me.... so what?.. eheh

Sharifah Hanim's Rule number 1 is never to expect to lose weight in a week (this happens all the time, i keep expecting the arrow on the scale to go left). It has been confirmed by many experts that losing weight in a short time is extremely dangerous to the body. It can take several months to get to your ideal weight then again depending on what your diet is and how much you exercise.

Sharifah Hanim's Rule number 2 is do not go on a painful diet that you cant even enjoy your life. Life is too short these days, so please enjoy some eating pleasures that will not hurt your diet plan too much

Sharifah Hanim's Rule number 3 is to be realistic about myself. Honestly i am not quite sure whether i am the endomorph or the mesomorph. Whichever it is i know i have a big frame, wide shoulders and big bones. This body will definately not make me Tyra Banks. Im being realistic here...

Lets get physical.....Im humming the song again. How do we get started? Like i always say......., do a proper warm up with light stretches and then the cardio workout and finish with a warm down and a static stretch. Do not forget to do conditioning and resistance training in between to build your muscle mass. You can refer to my previous postings for more detailed information on the exercises


What i would recommend most here is to walk. yes... just a simple walk. You dont have to do a power walk but dont be a turtle either, walk on a good pace for at least 30 minutes after breakfast or dinner and you will be amaze on how it will make wonders to your life. Do an hour walk on weekends, use proper cushioned shoes, a cap to protect you from the sun, an I pod to listen to music, walk at a park or at your neighbourhood and make your walk fun and enjoyable. Walk alone or with friends/family

FYI overweight and obesity causes risks on health conditions like

* high blood pressure and high cholesterol which will cause heart diseases

* bone and joint problems (which is very painful indeed, so i heard)

* shortness of breath that makes physical activities difficult and may develop asthma

* restless and disordered sleep patterns, insomnia etc..

* liver and gall bladder disease

* depression and low self esteem

The most important thing is to live your life to the fullest and grow old gracefully. All the best!!