Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mama Aerobic Studio - Manjung, Perak part 2

I was elated and pleased when i entered Naimah aka Mama's rock aerobic studio, a simple yet welcoming place. Mama rock came a long way to be where she is now. I met her a few years ago when i was in the panel of fitness instructors accreditation. I find her to be a vivacious , down to earth person and her nick name suits her very well indeed. Mama rock really rocks!

It took guts and an avant-garde to operate a studio in a town like Manjung. Mama rock is lucky because she has Kak Roy and Latifa Hanim to help her out.

from left : Latifa Hanim, Malek Abd Majid, Kak Roy, yours truly, Redza and Mama Rock

My friends and i had a field day watching the three of them working out with the members of the studio

I am proud to say they are doing fine with the business although there are some loopholes here and there

I would love to come by again someday and hope to see more studio members and more instructors conducting a variety of aerobic workouts.

All the best to Mama Aerobic Studio and to mama rock and her team (Kak Roy and Latifa Hanim). I hope and pray the studio will always rock Manjung!! :)

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