Friday, May 20, 2011

Latin Fusion With Adilla Idris - Road Tour Kecergasan - Kuching, Sarawak - 14hb Mei 2011

Adilla is my guest instructor in Kuching. My dear good friend Adilla came all the way from West Malaysia to support my Road Tour Kecergasan Programme in Kuching, Sarawak. I was touched by her gesture and presence, thank you friend, really appreciate it.

Adilla is not only a renowned singer but also a great aerobic instructor. We have been friends for ages and we work well together.

She did Latin Fusion with the participants. The participants enjoyed it very much and are impressed by the choreography. Simple and catchy!

She did the stretching as a grand finale with her own song from her album and everyone was mesmerized by her vocals

Latin Fusion is a mix of everything latin from merengue, salsa to cha cha and it was fun!

The Latin Fusion got everyone excited although i know they are all very tired after a day of exercises with me and Adilla managed to pull it through and got everyone moving

Thank you again friend for coming to Kuching to support my programme and i feel this is one of the ways we could show and educate the participants the correct techniques of teaching aerobics regardless of the music genre.

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