Sunday, May 22, 2011

Great Food, beautiful people and places of Kuching Sarawak

I went to Kuching, Sarawak a couple of times but i can hardly find time to go around the popular spots at the outskirts of Kuching. This time around, Maizatul from Rich Learning Sdn Bhd, the organiser of my Road Tour Kecergasan decided to come to the city a wee bit earlier then the programme so that we can have the opportunity to go out of the city.

Fadhilah aka Dilot is a perfect host who not only takes us around the city but also entertained our gluttony. We wanted to experiment everything from kek lapis to mee kolok to laksa sarawak and the funniest part is laksam and nasi kerabu (the stall owner happens to be a Kelantanese residing in Kuching for the past 10 years)

Maizatul and hubby

Adilla and yours truly

I couldnt disguise my glee at the thought of enjoying all the food that very weekend!

View of the legendary Gunung Santubong

Damai Beach which is really damai (damai in malay means peaceful)

Damai Beach Resort

ahaa.... the kek lapis paradise! We had a field day tasting all the samples and ended up being so full

I enjoyed my visit and work in Kuching and hope to come again someday.

*Thank you Dillot for the great time. Thank you Zul and Ina for the delicious spread that Ina prepared for us. (bubur pedas and some other names that i couldnt recall) Thank you to all the participants and not forgetting Busman Noor for the lovely dinner treat

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