Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Training Protege for aerobic performance

Malek and i was given a task to select our proteges and train them up for an aerobic workout performance during Futsal 1 Malaysia Festival. We both pick our own choices and we later narrowed the names down to 10. Unfortunately some of the names that were chosen could not make it for the training and the show due to some other work commitments.

yours truly giving a brief during the audition of the selected protege at Ministry of Sports Gymnasium

some of the chosen protege trying their strength at ISN's gym

Redza resting during practice at MAM Studio

Malek must be really tired training and commenting on the proteges' movements

Take 5 for a photo session during training

the latest addition from left : Fendy from Malacca and Ralph Abdullah from Kuala Lumpur. I hope you guys are happy to join the bandwagon

The guys are a bit off beat bouncing on the fitball but they finally managed to master the bounce. Honestly i had qualms on the guys' abitility and fortunately they had proved me wrong. I know this is not an easy task for a beginner.

stretching after the workout and i instructed them to rest for the nite and no more playing pranks on each other. They are a restless lot! On the far right is another new addition Hussein from Johor

fond memories for these guys because they had to camp in MAM studio for a few nites to work on their routines.

Malek and yours truly

from left : Fied, liza, Wan, Salleh, Redza, Ralph, Ija and Hussein in front

Performance during the opening ceremony - Futsal 1Malaysia on 17th Dec 2010

Performance on 19th Dec 2010 during closing ceremony

we had to endure the hot and humid weather

the guys taking a pic with one famous rock singer Ali from Terra Rossa

a group photo before we went home

standing from left : Fendy, Redza, Ija, yours truly, Malek, Salleh, Syikin (crew)
sitting from left : Ada, Syidah (crew), Wan and Liza
not in picture : Ralph, Fied and Hussein

I hope you guys had a great time and I thank you for your commitment and the professionalism. I am looking forward to work with you guys again in future.