Sunday, August 16, 2009

Toloongg...tolong.... (eh ngigau yeh) Bad Dreams

What Are The Causes Of Bad Dreams

We all have nightmares but what are the causes of bad dreams?

A nightmare is just a dream although a dream that incorporates danger and fear. The most frightening aspect of any nightmare is the absence of any form of control and that's a strong reason to find out what that causes of bad dreams are in the first place.

About 5% of the population have regular nightmares. All dreaming occurs during the REM sleep - rapid eye movement.

Nightmares, can produce very real physical effects. The dream's pulse rate can increase and one can display physical characteristics that are only apparent during stress. Even though there are many theories about it we really do not know for certain how to identify the causes of bad dreams. A popular view of dreaming suggests that the causes of bad dreams lie in the need to release stresses from the day. Some say repressed or suppressed fears were the causes of bad dreams and they could be stopped through psychotherapy.

Traumatic life experiences can often be a key factor in the causes of bad dreams. Another thing that is often associated with the causes of bad dreams is illness. While the body attempts to repair itself and fight the infection or disease nightmares become more common. This can often be exaggerated by medication, which can be a key factor in the causes of bad dreams. The causes of bad dreams that lead them to be more vivid than normal dreams is not known. One possible explanation may be that we remember a nightmare more quickly than a normal dream due to its upsetting nature.

Nightmares can become problematic if they are recurring. It has been suggested that sensitively emotional people can have nightmares more readily than everyone else. What the causes of bad dreams in these people are is still unknown. But the fact that they are more vulnerable to emotional upset means they more likely get emotionally upset which can be one of the causes of bad dreams

A negative attitude can be another one of the causes of bad dreams being more frequent and vivid. By holding on to negative thoughts or feelings you are instructing your mind to process this data. This is one of the causes of bad dreams. When the subconscious mind tries to deal with this negative data it in dreams, so that it can process it, it creates frightening images.

To eliminate nightmares you can do a few things. Do not watch violent or scary shows for a few hours before bed. Avoid the news late at night as a negative images are often the causes of bad dreams. You can control every aspect of any dream, even a nightmare! Find something inspiring to do a few hours before bedtime. Watch a fun film or read a light-hearted book. You can also visualize your perfect scene or think of some peaceful place you love as you drift off to sleep.

Remember one of the biggest causes of bad dreams is bombarding your senses with negativity just before you sleep.

Sepatah kate orang tua tua,sebelum tido, cuci kaki , bace Fathihah, 4 Qul dan ayatul Kursi. Sweet Dreams...dont let the bed bug bite!

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