Saturday, August 22, 2009

Exercise and Fasting

Exercise should be kept to a minimum during times of fasting. However, you can still actively assist your metabolism

1 Understand that fasting is a time for the body to repair itself internally, and that exercise can distract your body's attention from the inside to the outside.

2 During fasting your body lacks many of the nutrients and calories necessary for a workout to be beneficial to your body, and therefore exercise can be detrimental during a fast.

3 Avoid strenuous workouts during fasting. If you have a normal regimen you can't stand to quit for a few days, cut it down by more than half.

4 Do light, low-impact exercise: walking, gardening, or light work.

5 Do simple stretching exercises like pilates, yoga etc to help balance and stimulate your inner organs.

6 Stretch and breathe. Do not underestimate the healing power of deep, conscious breathing.

7 Develop and maintain a regular exercise schedule after completing your fast. Exercise is essential to proper nutrient absorption and triggers endorphins that help you feel good.


  1. Salam Puan,

    First time i bumped into your website after spending some time blog hopping . It's so cool, keep up writing and sharing. I've been thinking to still continue joining body pump classes in the gym here but my mind kind of psych me down (instead of up) that i need drink during the class which i normally consume during the time other than the fasting month. Dulu pernah gak cuba tak minum, boleh jer....But this time round i am in the UK with 16 hours of fasting. Thinking of giving a shot or two. Tengoklah camne or i would probably just do weight on my own tapi tak best mcm body pump where i could go with the flow.

  2. salam. Tq elera93 for visiting and im happy you enjoyed my blog.I know its kindda difficult for you to exercise and puasa for 16hrs. I hope my latest posting of exercise and fasting will give you some ideas on how to workout.Bodypump memang best tp sad to say you will have to slow down during ramadhan. my posting on hydration date 03/08-03/15 might help.