Thursday, August 13, 2009

More pictures during the Fiesta Kecergasan

The lone table
During the competition

Formal introduction of judges
queuing to go up the stage before the introduction
1Malaysia pose during our break. sitted left Suziana (sabah) Gilbert (sarawak), Adilla (selangor), Aisyah (johor)
standing from left: Fadila (perak), yours truly, Josephine (perak), Rashid (WP KL), Aisyah (selangor), Mahani (perak) and Chik (pahang).
at the back is Malek (selangor)

some of the judges, waiting for their turn to judge
tokey KBS : from left Pn Lidyawati, Pn Fazulia, Pn Ziella and Cik Hani (cewahhh posing gitu)
the day before the competition, the technical meeting - head judge

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