Monday, May 18, 2009

Sambutan Hari dan Minggu Belia - Aerobics Competition

I was appointed as Head Judge during the aerobics competition for youth at MITC Melaka during the Youth Sports Day organised by the MInistry Of YOuth and Sports. There were lots of competitions held such as futsal, battle of the bands to name a few during the 3 days carnival comprising of contigens from as far as Sabah and Sarawak. The aerobics competition was on a hot day but we had fun and i had the oppurtunity to meet my friends whom i've not seen and met for quite sometime. It was a good turnout and there were 19 teams competing. Thank you Kem Belia & Sukan, esp Jab Pembangunan Sukan for organising such events for our youth.
Hishamuddin aka Giant, Saloma and yours truly before the competition.
Doing our bit, it was quite strenous esp when the weather is hot. I pity the competitors, who had to queue under the sun to compete. What a spirit .... kudos to all the participants.. Couldnt get a clear snap from where i was sitting, anyways the group performed well
Judges line up from left : Aishah (compulsory move) Giant (execution) Saloma (artistic) yours truly (head judge) and Eddika (technical)
All in the family

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