Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fit Malaysia - One Nation Fitness Club

 One Nation Fitness Club was one of the clubs given the task to perform during the launch of Fit Malaysia at Dataran Merdeka

As a united team, the task was easy for us to handle since we have already trained some of intructors to be one of the top team of Presenters in the country

The main players behind OnFC is from left Malek Abd Majid, Adilla Idris and yours truly having our pic taken with our previous officer in charge from Ministry of Sports & Youth Malaysia, Lidyawati Hamzah

 Met an ex student and fren from UMS Sabah Vivien Cheah

 One Nation Fitness Club - we are ONE

Our very own Sakka sisters known as 3 Sakkas from left Eija, Aliez and Shah. Their zumba routine is so amazinly awesome and energetic. Put the three of them together - you will have a blast of a time with their salsa latin moves that put some teenages to shame. This three ladies are a bomb shell!

The crowd from all walks of life. They too enjoyed the non stop 3 hour aerobic session by the OnFc Presenters

 People behind the scene. We did a small survey and distributed brochures on healthy living

Other than the 3 Sakkas, we put forward our K-pop instructor Fenddy Mohd who hails from Melaka. He had the crowd woo-ing with his fitness k-pop moves

 With old time friend Pn Sri Toh Puan Datuk Shariffa Sabrina

Lidyawati Hamzah from Ministry of Sports & Youth Malaysia

My buddy Adilla Idris

We also have Salleh aka Along with his kicks and punches in fitness kick boxing. His movements are so intensified and energetic that got the attention of the martial arts community

 Nurul Ziana aka Nana had her fair share of fitness MTV moves. Her choreography are dance oriented but with a full blast of fitness challenge

All in all Adilla sums up everything with a rendition of her song from her album with a nice cooling down stretch

We worked and played hard as a team and we enjoyed every moment of the program although the weather was sunny and humid

A big thank you to the Ministry of Sports & Youth Malaysia especially to the Fitness Unit Director Ms Salmah Aziz for giving us this opportunity to work together with the ministry in building a healthy nation


  1. wah asyik ni acaranya ...jadi pengen ikutan
    tapi disana ada yang jualan baju senam terbaru juga ata gak ya...
    salam sukses

  2. T.Kasey lala aero....mmg Ada banyak jualan d sini