Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some tips on how to cope with stress

Stressed out and feel unable to cope? Help yourself by following these handy stress prevention and coping skills by Ellen Whyte

1) Figure your trigger : Rather than look at stress as a nebulous problem, discover exactly what is stressing you and when. Most likely the proper solutions will pop into your mind as soon as you've analysed the problem

2) Factor in lost time : If you forget to factor transition and travel time into your daily planning, you'll always run late. When planning your schedule, give yourself time between meetings to relax and refocus, and anticipate that traffic jam so your're not held up when on your way to that funtion.

3) Breathe : When you feel that rush of adrenaline, concentrate on your breathing. Aim for a few nice slow deep breaths. This should calm you down very quickly. If you can, visualise something particularly relaxing like a waterfall or looking at your child sleeping or cuddling a pet

4) Dont be a superhero : Being over brudened with tasks leads to stress, so if you are asked to do the impossible, say 'no'. Nobody is perfect so there is no shame in admitting that some things are beyond you. The bonus is that by talking openly and honestly, others will trust you when you tell them what you can and will do

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