Monday, December 12, 2011

Taiping, Perak

Taiping is a town located in nothern of Perak and is the second largest town in Perak after Ipoh. Taiping took over Kuala Kangsar's role as the capital state from 1876 to 1937 but was then replaced by Ipoh. Its development slowed down after that, but in recent years the town has begun developing rapidly again.

My ever good looking host - Shidee

I promised Adilla i will take her to Taiping as a belated birthday treat, and here we are, enjoying the scenery and the hospitality of Taiping.

Taiping also receives some limelight for being the wettest town in Malaysia. Its unusual rainfall has also led to a fertile collection of flora and century-old rain trees in the Taiping Lake Gardens

at the Lake Gardens

from left yours truly, farrel, nurul and adilla enjoying view at the century old lake gardens

The Taiping Lake Gardens was originally a mining site before it was established as a public garden in 1880. The idea of a public garden was dear to the heart of Colonel Robert Sandilands Frowd Walker. The lake gardens was developed by Charles Compton Reade (1880–1933), who was also responsible for plannning for Kuala Lumpur garden town. The abandoned tin mine was donated by Chinese capitalist and former Perak State Council member Chung Thye Phin as a recreation park for public use. In 1884 the gardens were planted with grasses, flowers and trees, a part of the gardens was fenced, to keep bulls out. The 64 hectares site was the first public garden in Malaya and was cherished for its beauty. There are ten scenic lakes and ponds which was the highlight of the gardens with golden rain trees planted along pathways and roads. Most of the raintrees are a century old and some stoop so low nearly touching the grasses and the lakes.

The streets are shaded by rows of the angsena tree, which at irregular intervals bursts forth into a riot of blossoms, even more yellow than those of the laburnum. These it rains down in golden snow upon the streets, providing a carpet fit for a Sultan, for yellow is the royal colour in the East. With its golden snow, the angsena spreads abroad and almost overpowering scent, even more sweet than the smell of the pinang blossom.
Most of the towns in Malaya have planted this Pterocarpus indicus as shade tree, but in Taiping it has grown to a greater height than elsewhere.

—Cuthbert Woodville Harrison, An Illustrated Guide to the Federated Malay States (1911)

Taiping is also known for its mee udang literally means prawn mee. I will always make it a point to savour the mee udang everytime i go to Taiping. Shidee has expected this and he took us to our favourite warong in Kuala Sepetang....yummyy....

The famous kueh tiaw Doli of Taiping. Nice kopi tiam setting bustling with the smell of coffee and kueh tiaw specially cook by the owners themselves.

the scrumptious kueh tiew

Another favourite - sotong kangkung with loads of gravy at the warung next to balai bomba

Oh what a life!! Alhamdulilahhh..... thank you Allah. My heartiest thank you to Shidee and gang for being the perfect host. I had fun and enjoyed every moment of it and i hope to go and visit the beautiful Taiping again someday insyallah...

- info from wikipedia

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