Monday, August 22, 2011

BerBuka Puasa or Ifftar

Iftar, an arabic word meaning evening meal when we muslims break our fast at sunset during the month of Ramadan. In Malaysia, iftar is known as berbuka puasa. We will normally berbuka puasa with dates and various food such as rice with curries, mee hoon, murtabak and lots more.

with Fit 2 Fun Studio members, the fun lot!

A kampung spread (Pahang village cuisine) from Temerloh Catering, Sek 15, Shah Alam, Selangor

with friends at Temerloh Catering

Malaysians are known as great eaters and our Malaysian cuisine comprises of various food from all the ethnic groups in Malaysia. Having food during iftar is a no problem at all, because there are abundunce of food spread out in our bazaar ramadan and at almost all the hotels having their Ramadan settings. Even the mosques provides bubur lambuk or rice porridge free of charge to any one who wish to indulge.

Best of friends from left: Adilla, Abd Malek and yours truly, iftar at Shah Alam Convention Center

Yours truly would prefer to have my berbuka puasa at home where there is no hassle of queing up for food. I can have my own time eating and enjoying my food which i normally cook myself.

from left : Aliez, Hanim, Ija, Noni, Adilla and yours truly

I prefer rice rather then kuih (Malaysian cakes) or bubur (bean porridge). But as a Malaysian, although it is not customary, i do go to iftar with friends every now and then.

yours truly, Saiful (standing), Adilla and Yati

A nice surprise when the members of Fit 2 Fun brought a birthday cake! August babies from left yours truly, Fied and Effa.

Iftar is a religious observance of Ramadan and traditionally the first thing to be consumed is 3 dates and an unboiled drink. Malaysians believe that feeding iftar is a form of charity that is why we have charitable bodies and individuals serving iftars to the less fortunate during Ramadan at their home, restaurants and hotels.

Alhamdulilahh.....I am blessed, i enjoy food, my health, my family and friends to support my work. Alhamdulilahhh... i am able to observe my Ramadan observance to Allah swt.with ease. I pray to Allah be a better muslim. amiinn...

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