Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kursus Asas Jurulatih SenamRobik - Kementerian Belia & Sukan Malaysia

Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk mengikuti Kursus d atas sila hubungi :-

Puan Lidya di bahagian Pembangunan Sukan, Kementerian Belia & Sukan Malaysia
No tel : 03 88713000

Kursus akan di adakan d Jempol, Negri Sembilan dari 25hb Mei - 28hb Mei 2010
Tempat terhad kepada 17 orang sahaja.
Tiada bayaran d kenakan
Bersedia untuk d uji d akhir kursus

Harap maklum


  1. salam. terkilan sikit sbb hari ni (29 Mei 2010) baru buka n baca blog bminat sgt nk memnertai kursus spt ini (kursus jurulatih). Sy mmg berminat dgn senaman dan apa jnis outdoor activities skalipun, tp tidak ada sbarang pendedahan ke arah tersebut...harap sgt utk dpt join dlm kursus2 spt ini di masa akan dtg...(nur farhana fadzil, 22, batu caves)

  2. Saye akan sentiase post kan d blog saye ini kalau ade kursus, dengan itu saye mohon agar hanakirana sentiase check di blog saye ini.
    insyallah...kalau ade rezeki kite jumpe yea.

  3. salam:)
    sayajuga amat berminat nak ambil kursus ini.ada apa2 qualification ke nak ambik kursus ni?
    terima kasih.

  4. wasallam adriana, tidak ade qualification khusus untuk mengambil kursus ini. yg penting awak minat dan bertekad untuk menjadi seorang jurulatih yg berkaliber.
    check out blog saye selalu yea, saye akan postkan kalau ade kursus.

  5. Hi Kak Sharifah! Im Angeline. I saw your pictures in Fit Studio Satok Kuching. Busman is also a friend of mine and his gym's member. I also told him before that I'm keen to learn to be an aerobic fitness instructor. My passion is always in sports and i do various sports. In Kuching there is little opportunity to take part in this course because this course is not easily available and if it does the place is certainly limited. If there is any course on aerobic instructor training i wish you will inform Busman and i will gladly attend the course if there is still space for Sarawakian like me. Have a good and cheerful day.

  6. Hi Angeline, its nice to get a response from Sarawak. We have the same passion dat is sports and fitness and i would like to congratulate you for having a healthy lifestyle. All the courses organised by the ministry is open to Malaysians regardless race. As far as i know, the ministry has always opened its doors to Sarawakians whether they are in Sarawak or Semenanjong. I would suggest you to always view my blog to get the latest info on the courses. I will normally advertise the courses in my blog as soon as i get the news from the ministry.
    I will also be going to Sarawak somewhere in the middle of this year to do an introductory workshop for those who are keen to be instructors. I will have to charge a minimal fee Rm70 for my expenses. You can join my workshop if you are interested and this workshop is a 1 day workshop where you will be introduce to the basic aerobic movements and basic aerobic music.

    thank you for your kind attention :)