Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aerobicton Hari Belia Negara 2010 (National Youth Day 2010) - 16th May 2010

An aerobicton was organised on the last day of the National Youth Day 2010 celebration. There was a big turnout and the organisers were short of tshirts and goodies to give away. Expected turnout was 300 people but more than 600 came from all over the country from as far as Penang and Johor. A very successful event i must say.

yours truly during the judging

two categories to be judged - 1hr nonstop aerobics for the 13-17 yrs age group

two of the five presenters selected - Ada and Salleh

Muzry doing his thing on hip hop which got the crowd esp the youngsters very excited

the ones in Red are the from the second catergory 2 hours non stop aerobics - Individual Catergory 20 -35 yrs olds, 36 - 44 yrs old and 46 yrs and above

Had to endure the hot humid weather and judging while standing for 3 hours!

Ada Sandha with her fun aerobics

A very good crowd, they made it to the end amidst hot weather. Kudos to all the participants with their courage, strength and endurance.

Presenters : Muzry, Ada, Redza, Salleh and Aliez (partly hidden)

The Reds!! not from Bangkok but a true sportsmen/women from Malaysia!!

judges from left : Adilla (Selangor), Makwan (Penang), Belinda (Kuala Lumpur), Miran Penang (partly hidden), Azizah (Selangor), Hishamuddin (Melaka), yours truly (Negri Sembilan), Josephine (Perak) and Aishah (Johor). Not in picture is Mastura (Selangor) the Head Judge, Aspalela (Johor) and Siti Aishah (Selangor).

from left : Mastura (headjudge), Siti Aishah, yours truly, Makwan, Adilla, Miran, Sabran (KBS official), Azizah and Aishah Che Wang.

The Reds! and a Special Award went to a 60 year old participant who finished the workout until the end.

with officials from the ministry - Lidya (red tshirt) and Sabran (squating lilac tshirt)

Congratulations to the organisers Bah Pembangunan Sukan, Kem Belia & Sukan Malaysia esp the officers in charge Lidya, Hani and the team for this successful event.

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