Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life is Beautiful !!

All of us need some challenges in our lives to keep us stimulated and lead our lives to the fullest. We go through stress everyday regardless whether its pleasant or not or whether it is an emotional stress or a physical one. Stress is the body's general response to any demand made on it. When we are stressed, our heart tend to beat faster, our breathing becomes heavier, our muscles contracts, our mouth feels dry and our pupils dilated. This can lead to serious health problems.
The way one handles stress varies. I would go for a spa treatment if i feel stressed, pamper myself and just relax my mind and my body. Its a pity that some people are too busy or just dont have the time to make time to pamper themselves. I consider myself very lucky doing things i love to do and having a job i enjoy doing, amiin......

The way a person handles stress varies from one individual to another. One of the important aspect of dealing with stress is knowing the way in which your body responds to the challenges. You must first identify the causes of the stresses in you life. Once identified, you can learn to cope with them. Remember that when your body and mind is stressed over a long period of time, you will

begin to have high blood pressure, muscle tensions which causes body aches, overly sensitive, and body resistance begins to dwindle.

I always recommend stretching for stress relieve besides meditation and a good body massage.

Other than these methods, i find breathing techniques and visualization to be effective and does really helps. Ive done these techniques a dozen times in my classes around the country especially when i noticed some of the students were too stressed during the courses. (Kursus JSBN, KBS etc...). You too can do the breathing techniq ues and visualization in your own home or at the office. It can help us feel better mentally, emotionally and physically.

Breathing patterns are directly related to the stress response and can influence your emotional state. When stressed, without realising your breathing patterns will change. Shallow or short breathing from the chest will worsen anxiety and reduce energy level. To avoid this and to ensure correct exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs, breathe deeply and use diaphragm instead of the chest muscles. ( eg. yoga breathing technique)

Try doing this :

Lie flat, release the muslces from feet to upper body step by step. Close your eyes and release your face muscles.
Distract your mind from stress provoking thoughts, just relax.
Put one hand on your chest and one on your tummy.
Breathe slowly through your nose keeping your mouth slightly open. As you inhale through your nose, allow air to push your abdomen up so that your
hand rises.
Hold in breath a few seconds and as you exhale feel your
tummy deflate and your hand falls.
Repeat a few times and then vizualise you are inhaling positive thoughts and exhaling all the negativities in your life.

Keep on breathing slowly, eyes still closed, now direct your attention to each part of your body.
Tense the muscle of the area, hold for 10 seconds, then release and totally relax the muscle feeling it weak and heavy.
Concentrate on the warmth and heaviness of the muscles for about another 10 seconds. By now you can feel your body totally relaxed.

Eyes still closed, imagine you are at a pleasant, peaceful place, maybe a meadow, cool green mountains or a deserted beach.

I always recommend imagining birds flying between the clouds and faces of the people you love smiling at you.

Concentrate , focus and put yourself in the relaxed picture for about 10-15mins.
Try to imagine the colour, smell and sounds.

Practise these techniques regularly even if you are not stressed. It will lead to a more relaxed general view of life.

Go to places you have always wanted to go.

Surround yourself with positive thinking friends

Get a cat or an aquarium full of colourful fish. Watching animals play can be a calming effect

Never take your family for granted

Enjoy life while you can.

Like i always say - Life is short and life is what you make of it, you are responsible on how you want your life to be.

Think positive !!

this article is specially dedicated to Pn NorSeela :)

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  1. Thanks a lot... really good axcercise... Saya akan bukak laman nie kalau strees.... bila2 masa... k