Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lengan yg melambai lambai? ishhh tak nak laa..

Have you heard of Resistance Tubing or dyna band? I did resistance tubing way back in the 90's and i think it is very practical to do it at home or at the office if you dont want go to the gym. It is cheap and a portable way to get a full body strength training workout. Regardless of whatever workouts you intend to do, please do not forget to first do a warm up for at least 5-10 minutes and stretch the muscles you will be working on. This will prevent you from injuries.

Basic suggestions :

a) For beginners, it is best to do one set of 12 to 15 repetitions of each exercise.

b) Intermediate exercisers (those that have been lifting weights for up to three months) can perform one to two sets of each exercise.

c) More advanced strength trainers (those who have been lifting weights or using tubing for more than three months) should try to complete two or three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

d) Stretch each muscle group after each set and at the end of the entire workout to improve flexibility.

this works on the biceps and triceps : *note* elbow resting on thigh, curl arm towards shoulder, do not slouch.

works on triceps and back : *note* tucked in tummy, squeeze shoulders blades towards spine

works on the deltoids, shoulders : *note* palm facing thigh, leave straight arm on shoulder length and do not lock elbows

works on triceps, back. *note* arms straights and lower out to sides at shoulder length. tubing stretching behind head

works on biceps and pectorals (chest) *note* raise up to shoulder length, elbows bent to 90 degree and palms facing down

Safety Tips - exercise tubings is not a risky activity but to keep the tube from snapping on your face, please follow these guidelines : -

a) check for holes or worn spots on the tubing. Replace if you see any tears

b) workout on carpeted , wood floors or grass. Abrasive surfaces can tear your tube

c) wear sport shoes

d) make sure tubing is secured underfoot or on an anchor before you begin to exercise

e) maintain good posture through out exercise by keeping your knees slightly bent, tug in your tummy, chest expanded and square shoulders

f) perform the exercises in a slow controlled manner. work against resistance both when you pull and when you return to the starting point.

Welcome toned sexy arms and bye bye em' flabbies..!!

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  1. Don't forget triceps as well. Working on triceps would make significant contribution towards having toned and sexy arms.