Saturday, August 8, 2009

Technical Meeting - Fiesta Kecergasan 2009. 7-9th August 2009

The Technical meeting for the Head Judges was held on the morning of 6th August 2009. The purpose of the meeting was to revise on the rules and regulations of the competition. We did some amendments but nothing major. A second meeting was held with a panel of judges at 2pm until late evening. The panel of judges were selected from all the states in the country including representatives from Sabah and Sarawak All the Head Judges were required to give a presentation on the catergories they were given responsibility. This includes simulations on competitions and test runs/practices on the judges. It is not an easy task being a judge (mind you, tell me about it!) Good Luck to all the judges and i hope you will give your best.

Presentation by Pn Mastura Johar on the Hip Hop catergory
One of the judges, Pn Asfalela from Johor

The panel of judges, probably very tired after a long discussion and a lot of simulation on the competition

Asfalela and Salihin from Kuala Lumpur. ( sape la tu hagak nye yg terbongkang baring tu...cube teka!)
Pn Azizah Othman as Head of Technical
Doing a test run on previous competitions ( tough eh?)
Yours truly on my presentation as Head Judge for Step Aerobics
sitted from right : Pn Azizah , Pn Norzila from Kedah, yours truly, Pn Josephine Chor from Perak
Panel of Head Judges : Pn Azizah (Head-Technical), Pn Norzila (Head-Aerobics), yours truly (Head-StepAerobics), Pn Josephine (Head- Aerobics Open), Pn Mastura (Head-Hip Hop), Pn Makwan Bee (Head-Hip Hop Open)

Pn Makwan Bee giving her presentation on Hip Hop(Open)

sitted from right : Che Engku Fariza(Terengganu), Malek abd Majid (Selangor), Aisyah Che Wang(Johor) and Abd Rashid (WP Kuala Lumpur)

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