Thursday, June 18, 2009

Senam Cergas

Kem.Belia & Sukan, bahagian Pembangunan Sukan, came up with this idea of introducing a new routine the Senam Cergas. Its pre chereographed and about 10 of us were selected to be the tink tank and chereographers for the project. We were given 2 days to come up with a 30 mins routine using patriotic songs. Below are some pictures of the 'The Making of Senam Cergas' and im sure you will see familiar faces
during the selection of songs on the first night of arrival at the hotel
tokey senam cergas Pn Lydiawati hamzah

We pulled Khalid from SenamSeni along to mix the music. Welcome aboard Khalid aka adeq

we were grouped with group of threes. Josephine aka amoi, yours truly and adilla were grouped together

from left Adilla, Jo, Lydia, yours truly and Malek

the sleeping buddha

aisyah is saying something to mastura whos still clapping and azizah is probably trying to remember the steps

during the video shoot

cewahhh....padahal dah pancit

i still managed to put on a smile although we've been doing the routine from 8.30am and ended at about 7pm

doing our bit with the song 'Muhibbah'

a catchy number ' Malaysia Baharu'

Penglipurlara and my good friend Malek Abd Majid.

during video shoot

the stretch

taking a breather

the conditioning by Azizah's group

the buddha has awaken

everyone was tired but still going strong

a dynamic gastrocnemius stretch

hip flexor

we repeated the shoot on the stretch a couple of times and exchange places so that the video will look interesting

still on the stretch

front view of the hip flexor

about to start the routine a hundreth times

the pose on ' Terima Kaseh Malaysia!!'

the pose on the indian version from the song 'Muhibbah'

The people behind Senam Cergas - standing from left : Chaer, Kak Zah, Kak Mas, Abg Za (photographer/video), Yazid, Makwan, Aishah, Khalid (music arranger)
seated from left: yours truly, Malek, Lydia (tokey) and Adilla
Not in picture is Josephine Chor


  1. fullamak, geng-geng otai dah macam wat reunion. miss u all...

  2. Wah semua cergas-cergas belaka dan ceria. Keep a good work. Kalau ke ipoh jgn lupa pewiiittt...ya.

  3. Tu ar Foo, sekali sekali jom arr lepak same. dah kuar NFC langsung tak mau jumpe lagi...ape daa..

  4. Ta Najelita, insyallah.. blum ade cerita lagi ndak pegi ipoh tapi kalau ke pangkor insyallah 17th-19th July nanti