Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kursus Kesihatan, Kecergasan & Gaya Hidup Sihat - Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Sarawak

Thank you LHDN Sarawak for inviting me again. We did the course with the first group in Bintulu last year and this year's venue is Sibu. My third trip to Sibu and i must say this trip is the best View of Sungai Rejang from the 11th floor of the RH hotel. (note : the longest river in malaysia)
The Sibu LHDN staff doing a joget during the dinner

A ngajat dance and sitted are the Directors of LHDN Sarawak

From left : partly hidden, Cik Dayang Juita, pen pengarah pentadbiran, Pengarah Negeri Sarawak, Tuan Hj Romli b Abd Hamid, Pengarah LHDN Sibu, En Mahmun and yours truly during the price giving ceremony

The urusetia, En Rozan in the middle who helped me during the 4 days course

participants doing the show

a speech from the Pengarah Negeri Sarawak, Tuan Hj Romli b Abd Hamid during the closing ceremony

participants doing their shake the bum bum....

wonder what hafizul is teaching them... mathew looks serious

bujang 3 sebilik eheh... sorry guys, i can only recall Kuswadi's name (the one in the middle)

Cik Jaqueline, Pn Dara and this pretty girl from Mukah

Fendi (paling kuat menyakat saya) in the center with two other guys i couldnt recall their names, maaf yea

ala ala....comel nye....

posing nampak...

nite view of Sibu town

Sibu square and sungai rejang from my hotel room

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