Friday, March 2, 2012


It was an explosion! It was a BlaST! Friends came from near and far to support The BlaST and from their facial expression i could see that everyone was having a great time. Thank you all for coming and i hope this will not be the last event together

Lydia and Hani from the Ministry Of Sports & Youth Malaysia came for a visit and support.

My buddies from Seremban Yee Mey and Michelle

Azizah and i on the brief opening speech

The Batu Pahat gals!

Kuala Lumpur and Sepang (Shah Bariah betul betul macam F1)

Datin Nor Azam

Guys and Gals from UMP

Perak mali....

The Pahangs

All the way from Johor

The colourful Kedahans

Leeza Ibrahim

from left : Adilla, yours truly, Lydia, Busman, Azizah and Hani (this photo is a courtesy from my good fren Itah, who is not in the picture)

The cameraman at work

Kay El gals

from left : Adilla (Shah Alam), Leeza Ibrahim (Sg Petani), Malik (KL), Thalasiah (Perak) and Wan Norihan (Sepang)

Abdul Haqq is in da house!

The golden gals who could outshine the younger gals anytime

Kak Yun, Kak Wan and Rohana (Terengganu)

Batgirls from Kluang, Johor

them sexy ladies

having a ball

Alhamdulilahhh...all is well and everything went well as planned. Azizah and I had a great time meeting all our friends and we are delighted to see everyone having a jolly good time.

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