Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pink Fun At Fit 2 Fun!!!

I always look forward to Wednesday nights. I do step aerobic workouts every wednesday at Fit 2 Fun Studio at Taman Tasik, Seremban. I have been with this studio since i first came to stay in Seremban and that was about 6 years ago. Oh my!! Time does flies... its been SIX YEARS already?? My God.... Ooo Fied... i never realised this before. I am practically seeing you growing up!!

*macam macam posing, siap ade duyong ade baby in pink... *

The members of Fit 2 Fun Studio really suits the name of the studio. They are a bunch of Fit and Fun people to be with

cewahhh..... look at Fied smiling while working out

Some of the members have been with me for quite sometime and they can read my every move

Ive seen members come and go for the past six years but some of them are fitness buffs who never fail to attend the workouts

what i like most about the members of Fit 2 Fun, they are really fun to be with and always willing to participate in whatever activities the studio organises.

For this particular wednesday, everyone turn up with a pink and black theme, they are a sport!

I hope to be a part of Fit 2 Fun for as long as they need me and i know i always 'ponteng' classes due to my tight schedule. Thank you to the members and owners for understanding my predicament

A happy and fun bunch of people with full of energy

Thank you Fied and Intan for having to endure the ups and downs of the studio and still going strong after all these years. Thank you to all the members of Fit 2 Fun and walk in customers for your enthusiasm and energy. You people never failed to amaze me.

* Note : A special thanks to Cik Lie for being the most fun person in Fit 2 Fun.


  1. Hi,
    Do you do aerobics in the factory?
    My factory in in Taman Tasik Jaya, ( near Puspakom ) Dou Yee.
    How are your charges like..?