Friday, June 25, 2010

Tanjong Piai - Southern Most Tip Of Mainland Asia

Has anyone heard of Tanjong Piai? Yes, it is in our country, Malaysia. The most interesting part is that Tanjong Piai is the most southern tip of mainland Asia. We always take for granted about our own country and some of us dont even know that the southern most tip of mainland Asia is just at our own backyard!

This is my second trip to Tanjong Piai and still enjoy the awesome view

If you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur, take the Simpang Rengam exit and go to Pontian Kechil. From Pontian Kechil, take a junction to Serkat. Tanjong Piai is about 3km from Serkat.

Tanjung Piai is an environmental sanctuary, where the earth, sea, plant and animal life exist in complete harmony. This park is home to many species of birds and mangrove dwellers like mangrove crabs, beady eyed mudskippers and crab eating macaques.

You can see Singapore port from Tanjong Piai.

Located 90km south of Johor Bahru's city centre, Tanjung Piai also features a National Park that gives visitors a glimpse into the mangrove dweller's natural habitat.

The jetty walk is enjoyable and be sure to wear walking shoes

Tanjong Piai is also a famous spot for birdwatches to visit during migratory season which falls in the months of March and September

Tanjong Piai - beautiful coastal mangroves and sanctuary for nature lovers

Tanker ships passing through the Johor Straits from Singapore Port

Why dont you pick a date on your calender to visit Tanjong Piai. It'll be an intersting trip especially when you know you have reached the most southern tip of mainland Asia.


  1. yup, i've been there 3 yrs ago. wah! dah banyak perubahan. dulu tak ada signboard2 sume tu.

  2. congrats Yanti. you tak cube tido di chalet dia? i tido 2 malam, interesting jugak tido atas air