Monday, February 8, 2010

Monsieur Masseur

I really cant remember how and when i got hooked on body massage. I love massages and make it a point to have at least once a month. My mom used to say that one can get addicted to massages. Well, i guess i am addicted to it. I dont simply go to any massage parlour or a spa to have my massage. I have two messeuse who i regularly visit.

Anyone who has experienced a massage would agree that going through a massage does have benefits to the body. The benefits can extend beyond the popular believes that one normally associates massage with stimulation and relaxation.

To me, massages not only relieves aches and tight muscles, it also lower my bodily stress which improves my mood, reduce anxiety and gives me a calming effect. Over trained can be the contributing factor in my case and this causes bodily stress. Massage treatment promotes blood flow to all parts of the body. (it can also rid off the 'orange peel' skin) This increased blood flow leads to a better overall function to the body, including one's mood.

Try going to a relaxing massage therapy, believe it or not, you will feel as if you are on a mini vacation. The stimulation, aroma (some spas play soothing music which makes you feel you are on a remote island) relaxation of muscles releases endorphins and this will reduce stress and emotional pressures.

I also find it beneficial for people who suffers axiety to go for a massage therapy. Going through a massage soothes one's body and emotional feelings which will automatically makes one feel relaxed.

To help the benefits of your massage last longer try these after your massage:

a) have adequate water intake after your massage

b) Practice any instructions your masseur has given you to keep up the benefits between sessions (i.e. stretches, relaxation methods or posture awareness)

c) Take things easy for a couple of hours after your massage to enjoy longer benefits

d) Try taking a relaxing bath after your massage to keep the relaxation going

e) Maintain regular massage to keep stress and tight muscles at manageable levels

wanna join me for a massage.....?

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