Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Secrets To Happiness

I believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. My approach to better living is to stay healthy - body and soul - which will also help me look and feel better about life and myself. The thing about health is that there isnt one factor that guarantees you to stay healthy always. It takes a combination of factors to maintain a good health like eating a healthy diet to exercising regularly, getting enough sleep to de-stressing oneself and of course living in a quality smoke free/less polluted environment. With so many factors to consider, i believe knowledge plays an important role to help us live well.

In today's world where stress, voilence and competition exist, it is natural to have a negative emotion about ourself and the people around us. Thus, one will have to develop a way to stray away from negativity in order to have a happy frame of mind.

I came across this article i read sometime ago and i would like to share this with you. I hope this will give u an idea or perhaps help you out even for a few moments of your life.

5 secrets to happiness

It is important for everyone to have a healthy attitude in order to begin to lead a happy life. You must try hard to achieve happiness as much as possible no matter how bad or stressed up your state of life is. Make resoulutions ( i learnt this from Dr Dato Fadzilah Kamsah) before you go to bed. List down the things you intend to do to make yourself happy the next morning and tell yourself that you are going to be happy and positive the next day. It is good to engage in this exercise before you go to sleep each night. Once your mind picks this information up, it will slowly build your confidence and satisfaction in life.

Make a list of activities to do everyday. Plan your week ahead. Make it a point to socialise with friends or relatives at least once a week. When you exchange thoughts with others in relaxing conversations, you tend to forget or try to find a solution to the matters that you may be facing.

Have you ever wondered how a simple smile can change the way you feel almost instantly? Smiling indeed makes you feel better and also helps drift your mind away from your pressing issues. A simple smile also makes others smile back at you and make you look younger than you really are!

To be ambitious is good in life. Ambitious will keep one going. Never be dissapointed if you could not fulfill your ambition at any point of time, instead use it as drive to achieve your goals in life. The journey to excellence may not be smooth sailing all the way. You will realise that not everyone has achieved what you have and not many people are as lucky as you are.

Never give up on yourself in moments of despair. Always look at things from a positive aspect and not from the negative point of view. Everything in life happens for a reason. There cannot be a point in time that things just happen without a logical reason. Learn from your mistakes, start making changes to your life. No one can change your life except for YOU yourself.

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