Thursday, July 30, 2009

Group Fitness Class

Every monday, i teach classess (aerobics, conditioning, step aerobics etc) at a corporate company in Cyberjaya. It all started when one of the participant got my email address from this blog and we discussed over the phone and wallaa.... me teaching them since about 4 months ago. They are an enthusiactic lot and i really enjoy teaching them. Here are some pictures of them during their ever first session on conditioning class using their own body weight and a simple drinking bottle as resistance ( some of them are really bold to start with a 5 pounder! although ive reminded them not to, like i said earlier, they are very enthusiactic)


  1. how can i join this class?

  2. hi Eve,

    Im sorry this class this specially for a corporate company in CyberJaya. They do not open it for public.

  3. Can I get some tips for getting physically fit at home itself? Keep updating.

    Personal fitness training

  4. Hi Steve,
    There are so many ways you can get physically fit at home. i would recommend you do alternate days of cardiovascular workouts and work on your strengthening and conditioning of your muscles. For beginners, do not be too excited to do an entire 45-60 mins session, start gradually with 10-15mins workouts and increse the intensity as you progress